Sparo Spotlight: Save a Child’s Heart

Bolstered by its mission to grant pediatric care to critically ill children in countries where pediatric heart care is virtually non-existent, Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) is Israel’s preeminent NGO.

SACH operates under one critical motto central to its mission: “We mend hearts regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, or financial status.”

For example, SACH’s aid efforts towards Palestinian children have been truly remarkable; in 2019 alone, SACH screened 576 Palestinian children, bringing in about 20 to 25 kids a week from the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.

SACH was recognized for its achievements on June 28, 2018, when the United Nations awarded SACH with its “Population Award.” Such recognition is indicative of the hard work and passion SACH has directed towards saving children with severe heart conditions, regardless of their ethnic, racial, political, and economic background.

We so greatly admire the work that SACH does that we just had to partner with them! Over the years, Sparo has worked very closely with SACH; as a Sparo-powered charity, SACH is one of the many charities customers can choose from when they go through the checkout process with Sparo-powered merchants.

Our Founder and CEO, Rob Sobhani, also has a deeply personal connection to SACH’s cause. “As someone born with a birth defect, I have a personal reason to support SACH. Their mission is dear to my heart” Sobhani went on to say: “I would not be in this world if it was not for good and caring doctors. This is why SACH means so much to me personally.”

Because of our partnership, Sparo has been able to raise enough donations to save the lives of two children: one from Tanzania and another from Syria. Additionally, we’ve worked with other third-party countries regarding fundraising efforts for SACH so that children from Azerbaijan could be transported to Israel for critical heart surgery.   

When you save a child’s heart, you save a future generation.

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