Shayba Naturals x Lucky Dog: A Sparo-Powered Campaign!

Shayba Naturals is an ethically organic and responsibly outsourced skincare line that aims to bring its consumers a healthier and more environmentally conscious alternative to popular drugstore brands that often contain harmful carcinogens.  

It is important to note that the modern shopper is growing more and more concerned not only regarding the ingredients included in the products they purchase but also with the ethical story behind the brands they support. 

In this way, Shayba Naturals presents customers with a unique opportunity to both support an ethically run small business and also themselves; by shopping with Shayba, you invest in your health. 

Clean, organic products are certainly all the rage in today’s market; Shayba Naturals takes it one step further by promising vegan and cruelty-free products to consumers. 

For this reason, Lucky Dog supports Shayba Natural’s mission to educate its consumers on the harmful ingredients found in popular drugstore brands, especially in an environmentally conscious way. In other words, in a way that doesn’t harm animals. Lucky Dog believes providing cleaner alternatives is paramount to the health of all people, including dog owners. 

Lucky Dog is a volunteer-powered, non-profit organization that rescues dogs from all over the world, including countries like the United States, Thailand, Puerto Rico, and South Korea. The majority of these rescues are being saved from certain euthanasia, the meat-trade, or abusive situations. 

Lucky Dog’s mission is to educate responsible pet-parenting and ownership. In short, Lucky Dog envisions a world in which “all animals are spayed and neutered and where all pets have responsible families and loving homes.” 

Practice responsibility by investing in your health so that no one else has to take care of your dog, your best friend.

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