United Way x Sparo: Philanthropic All-Stars!

Sparo is proud to announce its partnership with the world-renowned charity, United Way! 

Backed by 1,800 organizations worldwide, United Way is leading the philanthropic community towards a brighter tomorrow. 

United Way recognizes that education, income, and health are the building blocks to a fruitful life.  As the world’s largest charity, United Way works diligently to ensure that every individual’s potential is met by helping them gain equal access to opportunity. United Way has positively impacted impoverished communities everywhere and has acted as a catalyst in thousands of success stories; United Way measures its own success “in lives changed”.

At Sparo, we empathize with United Way’s core values of compassion and charitability; we both aim to make the world a better place, one donation at a time. 

The United Way x Sparo partnership will revolutionize how people donate by merging charity with e-commerce. In other words, when you shop with a Sparo-powered merchant, you can now choose to support United Way’s cause.

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