Shayba Naturals: Ethically Organic and Responsibly Outsourced

Especially over the last decade, consumers have grown more conscientious concerning the products they purchase. This revolution in self-awareness is driving customers to care about what they put in their bodies – people are actually reading the label on the back of your product! As consumers grow to be more informed, larger corporations are being encouraged to exercise corporate responsibility by, for example, improving supply chain networks, offering consumers total transparency when it comes to how a company’s product is manufactured and distributed. 

Founder and CEO of Shayba Naturals, Joseph Eshun, understands the importance of transparency and authenticity when developing and packaging his products. A few years ago, Mr. Eshun and his wife, Sussie, suffered a heavy loss; Sussie’s sister passed away from cancer caused by what her doctors assume was her long-term use of drugstore skincare brands that contained harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Having been directly impacted by the hazardous ingredients commonly found in popular drugstore brands, Mr. Eshun was inspired to create an all-natural, organic, and sustainable skincare line focused on general health and wellbeing. 

When you purchase a Shayba Naturals product, you invest in your long-term health while enjoying immediate results! Indeed, Mr. Eshun has discovered his secret formula for producing high-quality lotions and body washes. As a perfect blend of pure shea butter, vegetable glycerin, and top-shelf essential oils, Shayaba Naturals’ products offer consumers an affordable yet luxurious skincare experience. 

Since the nascence of his business, Mr. Eshun has established tightly-knit partnerships with ethical growers and manufacturers. For example, his shea butter is harvested by independent pickers of the Shea butter fruit in northern parts of Ghana. The Shea butter grows wild in this region, where the environment or vegetation is typically made up of savannas and grasslands. 

Mr. Eshun’s essential oils provider has an extensive repertoire of industry experience and high excellence. Having previously worked for the prestigious Channel perfumer, she has undoubtedly cultivated an expertise in the identification and selection of natural ingredients used in the production of essential oils and other organic fragrances. Her products have also withstood the test of time in high-level industry standards and certifications. 

Shayba Naturals is an ethically organic and responsibly outsourced business; bolstered by their quality ingredients, Shayba Naturals’ products are indeed one of a kind.

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