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Show Me the Money: Purchase with a Purpose®

Did you know that corporations give $20.77 billion to charity representing 5% of donations? Do you ever wonder where these donations go? Corporate donations are usually channeled to large charities. Instead, wouldn’t you like to direct these donations to your favorite charity? In short, is it not the time to democratize charitable giving?

Sparo provides the solution inviting merchants and their customers to join the world of “cause marketing.” Our mission is to democratize philanthropy; Sparo’s patented e-commerce plugin empowers the customer to make impactful decisions with every purchase. We call this Purchase with a Purpose®. Think about it as giving while shopping!

Companies already donate to charity or will with your prompting. Sparo makes it easy for you to select where this donation goes. When you go to your cart for checkout, you’ll see the patented Sparo plugin already fully incorporated into the payment process. You’ll never be redirected to a separate page that requires additional information. Simply proceed to checkout as usual and use the Sparo’s plug-in to pick the charity of your choosing – it’s that easy! Once your purchase has been processed, Sparo will show you the amount of money that has been donated to the charity of your choice.

For example, say you spend $1,000 on your next shopping spree at a Sparo-powered store. If the merchant you are shopping from has decided to donate 3%, then $30 of that purchase will go towards the charity you selected.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much you’re spending. Every dollar counts. Shopping with a Sparo partnered merchant empowers you, the customer, by giving you a voice; to decide where you want to make an impact. This exchange is the democratization of giving in action.

Do more with your spending habits; Purchase with a Purpose.

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